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Moonvalley Organic Post-Workout Mix 1000g

Moonvalley Organic Post-Workout Mix 1000g

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Our chocolate Post-Workout Mix is so delicious it’s almost hard to believe it’s also healthy! Unlike other supplements, Moonvalley’s Post-Workout Mix contains only natural and raw ingredients. The combination of high protein, carbs, and essential amino acids means that your body gets all the nutrition it craves after a hard workout. Let the taste of chocoalte and oats refuel you!

  • Tastes good hot AND cold
  • 1000g
  • 50 g per serving (9.8 g protein)
  • Pea Protein & Oats
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Product ingredients

Ingredients: OAT flour*, icing sugar*, pea protein isolate*, cocoa powder 8%*, natural aroma, salt.
*certified organic ingriedients SE-EKO-0


Nutritional information

100g/ 50g:

Energy:1620kJ -387kcal/ 810kJ -194kcal
Fat: 5,3g/ 2,7g-saturated: 0g/ 0g
Carbohydrate: 62,5g/ 31,3g
of which sugare: 30g/ 15g
Fibre: 4,9g/2,5g
Protein: 19,g/9,8g
Salt: 0,50g/0,25g

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