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SaltStick Fastchews Orange 60ct

SaltStick Fastchews Orange 60ct

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General usage

Fastchews Provide Tasty and rapid delivery of critical electrolytes to the bloodstream.

Fastchews contain a balanced and buffered mixture of the electrolytes that are lost in sweat, in a ratio and form that your body needs for optimal performance. The general guideline for supplementation has been successful for most athletes in a wide range of event distances and training durations. The basic idea is to keep your supplementation simple and effective, so you have one less thing to worry about on race day, and you can focus on the athletic event rather than on surviving your nutrition plan.

As a general guideline, athletes should consume 1-2 SaltStick Fastchews every 15-30 minutes during any land-based activity (bike/run/fitness) for the duration of the activity. In hot conditions, extreme humidity, or for larger athletes, a greater number of chews may be needed to maintain safe electrolyte levels. The maximum number of chews recommended per day is 50, although athletes in extreme conditions and longer events may find it necessary to exceed this number, or to combine intake with SaltStick Caps. It’s strongly recommended to test your planned electrolyte protocol in training several times before race day.


Contact your physician before starting any exercise program or if you are taking any medication. Individuals with high blood pressure should also consult their physician prior to taking an electrolyte supplement. Overdose of electrolytes is possible, with symptoms such as vomiting and feeling ill, and care should be taken not to overdose on any electrolyte supplement.

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